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Quality Management and Environmental Performance

Quality Management and Environmental Performance


Klaipedos energija AB, as a major heat producer and supplier in the city of Klaipeda, tries to draw up a new environmental strategy. In 2006 Klaipedos energija AB became the first Lithuanian heat producer to be awarded management quality certificate ISO 9001 and environment protection management certificate ISO 14001.


The company's goal is to make environmental issues to be an integral part of the company's activity and directly or indirectly involve all employees, contractors, independent producers, the city municipality and the population. The integrated quality and environmental management system deals with all major activity spheres of the Company, including heat generation, transmission and sales, production of electricity, maintenance of heating premises and hot water systems.


The ISO 1400 certificate demonstrates that activity of Klaipedos energija AB becomes more transparent from the environmental point of view. The Company's environmental focus is to save and develop the most rational and long-term, centralized approach to modern technologies and equipment that could be applied in heat production, supply and consumption. Efficient consumption of energy and natural resources, strictly following environmental legislation requirements, constant environmental inspection and improvement of environmental conditions of the company would enable to decrease the Company's harmful environmental impact. Klaipedos energija AB is striving to fulfil the needs of its customers by decreasing heat losses in heat network as well as cost of electricity by renovating heat sub-stations.


OHSAS 18000 is an international occupational health and safety management system specification dedicated to help the organizations in preparation policy and goals of employee safety and health. Having introduced the OHSAS 18000, Klaipedos energija AB undertakes continually improve safety and health policy, complying with existing legal requirements and safeguarding employee rights, social responsibility, ethics, production of environmentally safe products and services.