Information about the heating services

The company that supervises the heating and hot water supply systems of the building is responsible for the quality of heating and the rational service of the heating system in the apartment building. Who is supervising your building’s heat systems can be checked here.

If any question related to heating maintenance arise (Why is it hot in some apartments and cold in the others? Why does the towel heater rail in the bathroom not heat up? Is your building’s heat consumption rational?), customers should contact the staff of the organization that maintains the house (the administrator of the house, the chairman of the association).

Heat supplier

AB Klaipėdos energija is the supplier of centralized energy in the cities of Klaipėda and Gargždai. The supplier ensures that the heat of the required temperature reaches your house and every month checks the readings of the input meter and thus records how much heat has entered your building. According to the readings of the input meter and the heat distribution method chosen by the residents of the building, AB Klaipėdos energija creates bills for the provided heating and hot water preparation services to the owners of apartments and premises.

Building administrator

All questions regarding the building’s heating services, energy status and its improvement are resolved by the owners of the premises by mutual agreement, and the procedures are coordinated by the administrator of the building or the chairman of the association.

You can find out who manages your house here.

Supervisor of the heating system
  • The building’s heating and hot water systems supervisor is responsible for:
  • the temperature in apartments;
  • the hot water temperature
  • high-quality maintenance of the building’s heating and hot water systems;
  • emergency liquidity of internal heating systems;
  • preparing the building’s heating and hot water systems for the heating season.