The procedure of calculating bills

The bill for heat is calculated according to the readings of the heating center metering device installed in the residential building.

If there is more than one heat consumer in a building, the total amount of consumed heat in the building is distributed among all the consumers. The methods of heat distribution are chosen by the apartment owners, according to the procedure regulated by law.

Accounting for the heat used in a building

All of the heat consumed in a building during the heating season is divided into three parts:

  • for heating apartments and other premises;
  • for heating water;
  • for maintaining hot water temperature (for circulation).

Note. If part of the premises belonging to the users is heated with gas, electricity or if the apartments are equipped with individual heat metering devices, part 4 appears – the amount of heat used for heating the common use premises of the building.

During the non-heating season, all the heat used in the building is divided into two parts:

  • for water heating;
  • for maintaining hot water temperature (for circulation).

Payment procedure

Customers pay for heat, hot water and other services provided to their homes every month, in accordance with the bill. Services provided during the previous month should be paid for until the last day of the current month. For example, the bill for April must be paid until the last day of May. If the bill is not paid on time, late interest will be charged. The readings of heat and hot water meters can be declared online using the E-service (E-paslauga) self-service website, by phone +370 46 392 222 or by e-mail [email protected].

Declaration of readings

  • The readings of accounting devices can be declared when paying bills in a convenient way using the E-service (E-paslauga).
  • The readings of both the heat meter and the hot water meter must be declared every month.
  • Water consumption is declared in cubic meters (m3), without specifying liters.
  • Heat consumption is declared in kilowatt hours (kWh).
  • Liters are rounded to a whole number of m3, according to the math rounding rules:

                                       125 m3 232 l = 125 m3

                                        125 m3 597 l = 126 m3

  • If the readings are not declared, the amount of hot water consumed is calculated in accordance with the norms calculated using the methodology for determining and applying the normative consumption of individual energy and fuel types for housing heating and hot water preparation and the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on monetary social support for low-income families (single residents). This is valid until the readings are declared. After declaring the readings, recalculations are made the next month after the reporting month, but no more than for three months in a row.
  • When leaving for a longer period of time, you can write a request to the customer service center so that the water consumption is not calculated according to the approved norms.

Methods of heat distribution